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Your team has probably dedicated hours and hours of blood, sweat, and tears to the game they love. What better way to mark their commitment and passion for the sport than with personable, powerful portraits? There are many reasons you’ll want to prioritize capturing fantastic photos of your players, from youth sports to high school — here are three of the big ones.

To Boost Individual Players’ Confidence

Your team wouldn’t be a team without its players. That’s why it’s essential to encourage every member to feel valued and confident in themselves and their abilities. Creative portraits are a great way to honor every player’s skills and unique traits, whether highlighting their sheer force of determination or their positive attitude. By strengthening individual athletes’ confidence, you will ultimately strengthen the team as a whole.

To Commemorate Your Team

Especially within the world of school sports programs, individual athletes will naturally rotate in and out over the years. Individual and team portraits are a great way to commemorate every team member’s legacy as an important part of your program’s history. With a classic team photo, you have a beautiful record of each season’s highs and lows that every player and fan can look back on with fondness.

To Increase Overall Team and School Pride

A team’s players won’t be the only ones who will value athletics portraits. Sports are one of the core ways school spirit can be encouraged and nurtured. With the right materials, your program can promote games on banners and flyers and encourage student involvement with professional, exciting photos. After all, your team needs support through every game to help them achieve those legendary wins.

Capture Your Team’s Spirit with Design by Sheila

Looking for a school sports photographer to capture your team’s seasonal group photos or highlight your athlete’s passion for their sport? At Design by Sheila, I offer athletic portraits for teams and individuals alike in Vancouver, Washington, and the surrounding areas. I’m an expert in capturing unique, personable photos you can treasure for a lifetime, with over ten years of professional experience. Don’t hesitate to reach out and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about what I can offer you.


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