When an athlete steps in front of my camera, their excitement and nerves fill the room. With each pose and adjustment of the lighting, I can sense their determination to showcase their true strength and character through the lens.

One memorable session stands out when a young softball player trying to act determined and focused, stepped in front of my camera. As I started to take his photos his confidence grew with each click and he began to shine. It’s not just about capturing images; it’s about igniting the fire within athletes, revealing their true strength, and immortalizing their dedication through the art of photography.

I have honed my skills and expertise over the years in professional photography and continue to learn and explore new techniques. I continue to take online classes and go to several professional conferences yearly.

I began like a lot of parents, taking photos of my own kids during sporting events. I was approached by several parents because I was using a ‘nice’ camera. Once more people tried with similar cameras and still did not get the results they wanted, I was asked for advice.  This lead me to learn more also and started my dream of being a professional photographer.