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Picture day can be a stressful time for all players, coaches, and parents. Here are some tips to help this day become less stressful and more organized. 

What to do before Picture Day

It is extremely important to make sure that all parts of your uniform are clean and without wrinkles. Have your athletes set out their entire uniform at least 1-2 days before picture day to ensure a smooth beginning to the process. 

During the day

I pride myself on being flexible and getting the photos done when it works best for the coaches, team, and schedule. Most of the time the pictures are taken before and even during practice. When I am pre-scheduled to do the photos, I arrive and get started. My turnaround time is very quick so that I can use the photos for the sports programs that will be given to spectators. Order forms are provided on picture day or I send them to the person in charge sooner to hand out when they make the team. I work with you and whatever your process is with your team. With or without order forms, I will take each athlete’s picture so that they have the option to order them later.

When we shoot individual photos, I love getting to know the athletes as well to see what kind of emotions we can capture while we are shooting. We will already have all equipment set up for the team so we can start right on time and be done as soon as possible. The photos I take of the players are very dynamic, fun, and professional. We will have a great time during the shoot. If you are looking for a team photographer, contact me to schedule an appointment and I look forward to meeting you and the players!


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