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Hello! I am Sheila Huston, a professional graphic designer and sports photographer in the Vancouver, Washington area. I specialize in sports images, team pictures, portraits, and posters. My specialty is team photographs linked to the design I use for individual players, so that they go together perfectly. 

Sports photography includes a wide range of games, exercises, sports, advertising, and brand development. Sports photographers are specialists in shooting pictures of sporting events and athletes. They shoot pictures for newspapers, magazines, websites, high school yearbooks, flyers, posters and programs, to name a few.  

As an experienced freelance graphic designer and photographer, I am able to incorporate a unique theme into my sport program designs. I use high quality templates for unique backgrounds to promote schools, community programs, sports clubs and athletic teams, capturing images and content to create your brand. I create unique brochures for printing, banners, and mailers. I provide sport team pictures and posters with action and group images, as well as individual player portraits. 

Sports photographers need to be able to shoot quickly, vary camera settings, be mindful of their surroundings; the players, the game, and the environment. It is important to have quick shutter speed, short depth of field, available wide angle lens, and lighting options. I am an image expert, optimizing each print for the best possible reproduction. I utilize computer software to take your ideas and create individual sports portraits, team photos and posters beyond your expectations.

A sport photographer utilizes their unique perspective and enthusiasm to capture images which elicit emotions from the viewer by using composition, various photographic techniques, and capturing sports in such a way that the resulting photographs have the appearance of artwork. Images can be produced with dynamic graphics and modifications for great sport poster design. 

Action sequences can be used to show movement in a static image. These can show multiple styles, “tricks” and the flow of athletes and their equipment in the environment. Burst mode allows sports photographers to shoot many photos in a short time frame, and layer them, resulting in multiple images of an athlete in the same place. 

Sports photographers need interpersonal, computer and business skills, as well as attention to detail. Strong knowledge of cameras and equipment, as well as graphic design and computer aided design and editing software programs is necessary to create the best possible images for programs and booklets, flyers, posters, sport player and team portraits, and photo art. 

Getting to know my subjects is critical in capturing emotions. Understanding who the athlete is can change the perspective on the person. I am diligent with names, and able to put my subjects at ease. I am dedicated to staying current with new techniques related to graphic design and photography. I enjoy getting to know my subjects, working closely with clients, and staying within budget in deadline-driven environments. 

If you are looking for a sports photographer who can combine graphic design and excellent photographs to ensure your school sports program looks better than ever, get in touch with me for all your school or club sports photography needs!


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